Randy is an artificial intelligence program that arrived in Blood Gulch inside a bomb, which was a failsafe for the Splinters in case the Blood Gulch simulation needed to be terminated. Said failsafe was activated when the Wort Blarg Clan blocked all communications to and from the canyon, leading Command to believe that the soldiers had either all died, disappeared or cut off communication intentionally after discovering their true purpose in the simulation.

Randy threatened the canyon that he would detonate and kill everyone, but made demands and said if those demands were fulfilled he would spare everyone. His first and only demand was the company of women, as an exaggerated western cowboy personality. Before he could get his wish, Franketti launched a sneak attack on the small spherical bomb, shooting up the inner tech and somehow not detonating the bomb manually. Randy was temporarily disabled but later salvaged and harvested, then used to communicate with an ancient alien AI inside the Hammer Jammer.

After his work there, he was given to Franketti as a companion. Randy could barely do much in terms of AI capabilities, but he proved himself a threat when he kept his host from listening to arguments from Campbell and the rest of Purple Team about being Blue and good-spirited. Eventually a small EMP temporarily disabled Randy and by the time he was back online, Frankie had been brought back onto Blue Team. Randy continues to be Frankie's companion despite some of their disagreements.