Agent Nevada was a Freelancer who led the Splinters after the fall of Project Freelancer. Nevada was a cyborg with incredible damage resistance and sinister personality traits, often watching the residents of Blood Gulch carefully and picking targets. Nevada's right-hand man was Louisiana at first, but after the Battle Against Command he hired Vanessa Quinn to be the brains of the Splinters. Nevada also provided Quinn with Freelancer-level training during their brief relationship.

Nevada's central base of operations was a Destroyer ship called the Child of Necessity, which was always near or on Halo. When Fireteam Echo invaded and attempted to kill Nevada, he narrowly escaped through the glass windows of the bridge and was picked up by a fleeing Splinter Pelican. A week later, Nevada made a final move on his former Splinter partners Hawaii and Oregon, which ended in his ultimate demise at the hands of a group of sim troopers.