The Mendacious Remembrance or "Meniere", is a Frigate ship part of Battlegroup Exousia that crash landed in Blood Gulch. Once it crashed, its location was lodged in the canyon walls behind Blue Base until it was obtained by Hendricks aboard the Kurios.

History Edit

Part of the Artemis Project, this ship transported Sam and Harut to Zabaniya Station. On the way there, the captain of the ship picked up a distress signal coming from the ringworld. When the ship went to investigate, they were fired upon from the surface by Agent New Hampshire. Agent Delaware then raided the partially destroyed ship. The captain demanded his crew get Sam to the ringworld and they did so once Harut created and implanted fake memories.

The ship remained in space near the ring for a month when Sam found himself on board the ship due to a teleportation incident. Soon enough, the ship crash landed behind Blue Base.

Agent California was found dead aboard the Frigate after being killed by the Gas Guzzler, and the copious amounts of fuel and supplies on board were used by the inhabitants of the canyon.

Eventually the Artemis Project rediscovered Sam in Blood Gulch. This led to a series of events that ended in the Meniere being pulled away from the canyon by the Kurios.