Green Team is a rebellious faction in Blood Gulch. Their purpose was to rise up against Red Team, take control of their base and wage war with the residents of the canyon who have neglected them. Arranged in private by Codrum, Green Team took over Red Base using a fake bomb scare, effectively locking out the rest of Red Team. Within a few days, Codrum had given himself a promotion and arranged Green Team's chain of command. Green Team's tactics in the beginning of their existence involved staying in Red Base and avoiding conflict and captivity. The team was at a disadvantage when it came to numbers, so winning a fight or rescuing a prisoner would be very difficult. Yet, Codrum had hardly any control over some on his team, with people such as Sky and Franketti often leaving the base and causing trouble.

During their war with Purple Team, Green liked to pull pranks and had to run raids in order to survive most of the time. Without a link to a supplier, the only food they got were some of the cooks in the canyon, out of empathy. Eventually they decided to bring the rest of the canyon down to their level by stealing the Hammer Jammer and blocking communication with the outside universe, including suppliers. The Jammer was activated for about two days when a handful of Purples stole it back, leaving Cornelius dead as well.

Following yet another defeat, Green Team held a final meeting, and the members decided that in order to redeem themselves to the rest of the canyon they had to betray Codrum and kick him out. Green Team was then disbanded and everyone was welcomed back into the ranks with some punishments. Codrum fled to the caves and streamed a video of his suicide to the canyon.