Sam Filch is one of the leaders of Red Team and part of the first wave of the 3rd Generation of soldiers to get to Blood Gulch. As a foil to her boss, Meredith, she is (for the most part) non-combatant. Most of the work she does around the base is clean, decorate and fix anything that needs to be fixed. She also occasionally bakes. Sam, as a pastime, also shows compassion by making things for the supply drop crew as extra payment for their services.

Brief History Edit

Before Blood Gulch, Sam trained and attempted to become a pilot, but failed a significant test and was sent to the canyon.

Sam was quickly appointed SIC of Red Team by Meredith, not long after her arrival. One of her first tasks was organizing the team into squads and decorating the base to make it look... homey.

Always being a firm believer in keeping the peace, she never participates in combat but will deliver the occasional beating necessary, in defense of her team and her friends. During the chaos of the war, she would stay safe, and whenever the Blues pranked the Reds with graffiti she was the one to clean it up.

Eventually she developed a relationship with a subordinate named Connors, quickly becoming two of the closest friends and dates in the canyon.

When the canyon discovered that Command was actually the enemy, Sam was one of the few who remained positive and tried to make sure people weren't giving up hope on the situation.

Sam and Blaise were the two soldiers that finally killed off The Food Thief, thus protecting the canyon from a hostile takeover.

With the takeover of Red Base and renaming it Green Base, Filch still maintains her attitude that the canyon should still be peaceful with one another, and has been her opinion since she arrived in the canyon. She did, however, support the hostile takeover of Red Base.

With Green Team finally gone, and the Red's original CO back in action, Sam has gone back to her duties as SIC, though not long after she was appointed as Red CO yet again by popular vote, having the position to this day.

It is unclear when and how it happened, but it has been noticed that the Corporal has since parted ways with the previous mentioned significant other, Connors having left the canyon some time ago with his old childhood friend Isabelle Winters. There are rumors that Samantha has now started a relationship with Lance Corporal Shade , but such rumor has yet to be confirmed.