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Logan Connors is an engineer and sharpshooter in Blood Gulch during the 3rd Generation. A friend of Magnus', Connors is also a nerdy guy with interests in crafting and working specifically in robotics and engineering. Known partially for his frequent team changes, he has been on three teams (making switches an estimated four or five times). Once it was determined that the teams didn't matter, Connors only made one team change, hopping onto Purple Team.

Life Prior to Blood Gulch Edit

Early in his childhood Logan became a test subject for the government and had AIs implanted into his head. They made him more intelligent but eventually broke him and were forcibly removed. This led to many psychological problems including the development of the voices and personalities of the AIs as actual presences in his mind. Because of these problems Logan tended to be a bit of a loner and socially awkward. However two people in his childhood were capable of breaking through his shell, Isabel Winters and Courtney Angel. Eventually he even had a romantic relationship with Courtney. This deteriorated quickly as he was under much stress from the hospitalization and slow death of his parents. Matters were not helped when, in order to pay back debts, Courtney began selling Logan drugs. With they're relationship falling to pieces they fought more and more often until one day Courtney stormed out and got into a car crash. She took this opportunity to escape both her debts and her broken relationship and faked her own death. Believing himself to be the cause of her death Logan broke and wouldn't truly recover until his time in Blood Gulch.