Version 1.0 Edit

The CodShot is a modified rocket launcher used by Codrum. It features a sniper scope on the side, a bayonet and a custom flame job. It is his signature weapon that he had made for him by Quarters.

Version 2.0 Edit


The second iteration of the CodShot featured an improved knife, scope and base Rocket Launcher. This is because the original version was damaged in battle. In addition, Codrum attached a grenade launcher to the bottom of the weapon however it only holds one grenade.

Trivia Edit

  • The Weapon was the first to feature Codrums signiture flame job which he includes on all of his custom equipment.
  • The Bayonet is located on the back of the weapon so that enemies sneaking up on the user can be stabbed with a quick jab backwards
    • Ironically, so far Codrum has been the only one to be hurt by the bayonet. When Blaise stole it and stabbed him with it.