—Jack meeting someone

Johnathan Vincent Apartment, commonly referred to as Jack, is a teenage engineer and fighter that arrived during the 3rd Generation in Blood Gulch. Having accidentally killed his comrade by his malfunctioning sentry, he is sent into the canyon. He is a hotheaded and cocky teenager that annoys most of the canyon residents.

Brief History Edit

Jack and Chris Apartment were sons of a paroled criminal, David Apartment, who decided to take on engineering. David shortly met Moira, who changed his life, and Chris was born. However, after Jack was born, David was filled with stress and became an alcoholic who experimented on his own children. Chris permanantly has the inability to sleep, and Jack has enhanced combat skills. One day, Moira wanted to divorce David for his violent behaviour and for experimenting on their children. This ultimately led her to be stabbed to death by his husband. Having saw this, Chris decided to take Jack and escaped on a ship, and after a few hours, they've crash-landed near their grandparents house.

The said grandparents took the young Apartments home and had a happy life. Although, a month later, mysterious soldiers arrived in their house and requested to the elderly to give them the children. If they declined the offer, they threatened they would track down everyone related to them and kill them. They gave in and the soldiers took Jack and Chris to the military base.